Summer Camp

For those with a budding interest in horses straight through to the seasoned equestrian we offer all levels of learning about horses and riding. We are a Hunter Jumper Show Barn located near Town of Tioga on 25 acres providing summer camp for all levels of campers ages 7 & up. Read More


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Lessons are given daily in either a private (one on one), or group (maximum 4 riders) setting. It is mandatory for beginners to start with private lessons to ensure a safe riding experience. They can graduate up to group level after they gain confidence.

All riders are expected to groom, tack up and untack their mounts along with cleaning tack. Our focus every lesson at all levels is improving our horsemanship and perfecting equitation.

Lessons guarantee atleast 35-40 minutes of actual "ride time." Therefore riders must arrive on time for private and fifteen miuntes before start time of group lesson.

It is MANDATORY to give 24hrs notice when canceling lessons. We do NOT overbook our horses and ponies and reserve them each day for riders who are lessoning. 


Over fences/advanced lesson: $60

Flat work lesson: $50

Group lesson advanced: $45

Group lesson flatwork/novice over fences: $35

**Starting August 15th ** Mini beginner lessons $35, for those learning how to walk and trot.